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白龙须贡茶 (Silver Needle)

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Silver needle, also known as Bai Hao Yin Zhen (白龙须贡茶), is the most famous white tea in the world. It is minimally processed where only the whole silver, needle-shaped buds of the tea leaves are picked and dried naturally. Harvested in Yunnan Province, China, during Spring 2018.

Tasting Notes: Mellow, sweet, vegetal and melon

Recommended brewing guide

Temperature     : 90-95 deg Celcius

Servings            : 4-5 tsp for every 250ml

Infuse duration : 1-2min

Re-infuse          : Recommended 3-5 times

Note that all brewing tips serve as a guideline. Please feel free to experiment the brewing duration and serving size to explore your preferred brew strength and flavour!